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Paper Covered Bunched Copper Strip

Multiple Conductor
Electrical Kraft Paper
  Electrical Kraft Paper Cobe Conductors Electrical Kraft Paper  
  Size Range    
    Min Max  
  Width 4 mm 25 mm  
  Thikness 0.80 mm 6 mm  
  Cross Selection Area 3.2 Sq. mm 150 Sq. mm  
  Bunch 2 3  
  Insulation Option    
  Insulating Kraft Paper    Nomex   
  Thermally Upgraded Insulating Kraft Paper    Mica   
  Crepe Paper       
  Applicable Specification / Standards   
  IEC, DIN, IS, Other Relevent National       
  International / Customized Standard       
  Wrapping Method   
  Butt Wound Wrapping    Multiple Layer (Up to 16 Layer in single line)   
  Traditional Overloaded Wrapping    Combinations   
  Insulation Range   
  0.300 mm - 6.00 mm   
  Subject to Insulation & Covering Option   
  Available Packning   
  Plastic Reel    Wooden Reel